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The Authentic Self

Over the lifelong process of learning to be social and figuring out who we are (and are not) we shed and conceal large pieces of ourselves to accommodate other's expectations, judgements, and needs. From clothes, to job choices, to lovers, we make choices based not on our desire, but on our outside obligations. Inside each one of us this leaves a cup that yearns to be filled. We spend our lives trying to do this, but sometimes, maybe a lot of times we try to fulfill ourselves with things that just don't fit. 


While a lot of this shedding is healthy and allows us to grow, some aspects of who we are never should have been buried. With these creative, childlike pieces absent from our conscious lives we feel too serious, too worried, too anxious. It becomes impossible or hard to even begin a meditation practice when our minds are so wrapped up in the challenges of daily life.


Freeing our lighter side calls for a return to our core, unjaded experience of life. A time when we weren't concerned with anything except that very moment and getting the most joy out of it through games, play, or enrichment. Though we obviously cannot literally return to such a carefree place without losing much of the life we have built, we can give a voice to our hidden imaginations and desires. 


Take a moment to acknowledge your deep subconscious. Is it being honored or passed over? Expressed or ignored? This is preventative soul healing in action.

Guidance Schmuidance!

Maybe this talk about expresssing your authentic self is a given to you, something you just figured out along the way. Maybe you are rebelious and have always been true to yourself no matter what, but maybe you haven't been so fortunate to have the freedom to just be you.


Without a lifetime of being fully authentic and expressive, the road to openly embodying your true self can be bumpy, filled with embarassing moments and social misteps. Rather than tucking your tail and giving up on how awesome you are, try some new roads. 


In a guidance session we start with relaxation and breathwork to begin lifting off the layers that dim your inner light. Through guided meditation, chakra work, art, movement, and play we create a safe space where you can return to your core self and find your inspiration. 


I am here to celebrate you.  I am here to help you embrace your inner star and bring it out safely through the weirdness of the night, to bathe you in the bright light of inner and outer unity. 


My Practitioner Ethics


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