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Mindfulness Meditation Guidance

I decided to add Mindfulness Meditation Guidance as a separate offering due to the recent surge in its popularity. While mindfulness is a part of all my offerings, it is also a good practice to cultivate all on its own. 


In Buddhist tradition and theory, mindfulness is the simple practice of observing yourself and your environment. It is not geared towards actively changing yourself, so much as just being fully present to your experiences in everyday life. 


The very act of full presence has a way of changing everything for the better by decreasing self referential thinking and encouraging a grounded state of being, even in challenging situations. 


As modern medicine and science constantly reaffirm, this type of meditation has the power to help us heal ourselves from all sorts of ailments including:


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Chronic Pain

  • Stress Related Health Issues

  • Anger

  • Addiction, and so much more..


Achieving deep states of meditation can be incredibly difficult at first. In a private session with me, you will get the personal attention to develop a Mindfulness Meditation practice that is uniquely supportive to you. Typically Guidance session of this type will be 60-75 minutes.  


My Practitioner Ethics


I currently offer Minduflness Meditation Guidance over Skype and in Person in Asheville, NC.


1 Hour Phone Session- $50

90 Minute In Person Session- $150


Contact Me to get started!



Guided Soul Healing

Many of us go through our daily lives with an unexpressed craving for "home". Some are lucky- home is a place that you've experienced in this life. A place so safe that you don't have to worry about being anything but yourself. Some have not been so lucky. The yearning for peace and safety feels like it is something out of reach. 


I'm here to remind you that "home" is accesible. Home is within your reach. It is an honor to humbly share with you the many tools, techniques, and practices that I've acquired to help you get there.


In a Guided Soul Healing session with me, I will work with you to access your peaceful center. Together we will overcome the blockages and barriers that have prevented you from experiencing this part of yourself. I will also give you the tools to help you maintain a connection with this place after we part ways. 


I am your guide, but you are your own master and healer. 


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