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As an experienced energy worker and Tantra practitioner who has created ceremony with well over 1000 clients in 14 years, I guide individuals and couples on transformative journeys towards inner peace, purpose, and empowered relationships. My approach blends holistic mind-body-spirit techniques with profound insights gleaned from diverse personal experiences and spiritual practices.

My path began in a multiracial household, fostering early sensitivities to energy and intuition. My fascination with healing modalities led me to study Daoism and Buddhism in China as a teenager, Women's and Gender Studies in college, and followed by dedicated exploration of Tantra in Asheville, North Carolina.

Over the years, I've cultivated a rich tapestry of knowledge and certifications, including:

  • Essence Tantra Practitioner Certification under Denise Greenfield

  • Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church

  • A Heart of Service: Shamanic Training with Bloom Post

  • Usui Shamanic Reiki Master & Teacher Certification through Bloom Post


Beyond formal training, I draw wisdom from deep personal experiences, navigating human pain, growth, and the transformative power of sacred sexuality. This authentic foundation allows me to offer grounded guidance and well-rounded perspectives to each seeker embarking on their personal journey.

At Subtle Seed Sanctuary, I create a nurturing space where individuals and couples can explore Essence Tantra practices, fostering deeper self-connection, empowered relationships, and a profound sense of purpose.

If you're seeking clarity, healing, and personal empowerment, I invite you to join me on this transformative path.

Ever Forward,


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About Jes

Empowering Personal Journeys with Subtle Energy Work and Tantra

What Clients are Saying

Hike in the Forest


"This gal is so wonderful. She is without a doubt so very skilled and blessed with the gifts. She can and she will help you. She will tell you exactly what you need to hear not what you think you need to hear. And then she will give you guidance. Truly Amazing."

Enjoying Nature

"Thank you again for bringing safe and effective healing into my life.  I am ever so grateful to you for your wisdom, your sensitivity, your understanding and your guidance.  My world is alive, creative and whole due to your graceful direction. I have more confidence, clarity and freedom.  You have helped me create a balance with my masculine and feminine energies and continue to support my sexual, emotional and spiritual growth."

Woman Hiking Outdoor


"Jess is amazing!! It is always so wonderful to have a private reading with her! Definitely my favorite :) Thank you for such a touching, moving...Simply the most amazing reading!! Given me things to practice and think about with, in everyday life, can't wait to put them into use! I'm so glad I got to share the close to heart questions with you, and that you were able to feel and connect with me! You are such a beautiful person in side and out!"

Loving Couple

M & K

"Just wanted to let you know that K & I did enjoy our session with Jessica. She was very gentle and professional and gave us both many tips which we have already implemented into our love life and enjoyment of being together. We wish it could have lasted another hour, we were learning so much and Jessica was so kind and caring about our needs and validated our feelings. She was very helpful in making me feel more confident in how I can pleasure K more.


It was a very good experience for us and we wouldn’t mind coming back some other time for “refresher” information.

Thank you and please tell Jes that we very much enjoyed our time with her and her care and patience with us. She made us feel welcomed and we will remember her for a long time."

Autumn Love

B & F

"My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your divine presence in our lives!  Thank you for sharing your time... wisdom...experience...expertise... and soul with us. Not only was it a privilege to meet you...but that YOU were the light that introduced and guided us to a beautiful experience. 


Every moment of our time together was as meaningful and supportive as the next...each blessing, touch, ritual and invitation heightened my awareness that led me to the awakening I had hoped for.  I realize there is “more” I seek...but am grateful that our exercise in trust, was met with such profound and positive energy from YOU!"

Lover's Embrace

S & T

Thank you infinitely for your gifts you shared with T and myself. ...Knowing it is not my place to be intimate with you, my spirit still sends you back a small portion of the love and light you gave to us and I know you give to so many others.

You are a bright shining magik in this lifetime. Of all the individuals I have met in life, you stand out like visiting a wonder of nature. Like being in Yosemite and feeling the vastness of her. This is how I see you. Vast! Majestic! Timeless.

Our tune with you was transforming.

This is simply a sincere acknowledgment of you.

A simple thank you could never suffice.


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