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Practitioner Ethics

I am a healer and an educator of subtle human energies, including sacred sexuality and spiritual-emotional balance. As you may have already seen in my bio, I do not have degrees in therapy, counseling, massage, or medicine. I bring the experience of a rich life, diverse esoteric and shamanic studies, and of working on an intimate spiritual level with hundreds, if not over a thousand, unique people. I make these promises and and offer these insights to my clients:


  • I honor the same privacy practices as any other professional. I will never share information about you unless I feel that you are an immediate danger to yourself or others.

  • These healing and educational services will do no harm. If I feel that you would be better suited to, or benefit more from another professional, I will always make referrals. 


  • These services are not meant to diagnose or treat any physical or mental illness. ​Tantric guidance is a wonderful addition to regular psychotherapy or counseling.

  • Tantric Guidance will address your body's subtle electromagnetic energy, which includes your sexuality. Having these sacred pleasures in balance with the rest of your life is essential to a joyful existence! Be prepared to take a healthy dive into your own shadow realms to come out with a deeper knowing of yourself. 

  • Though healing touch can be a part of some sessions, it is not a part of all sessions and is only used when I feel that it will clearly support your highest and greatest good.

  • I will not be nude or partially nude at any point during our session. 

  • I take important spiritual, energetic measures before and after sessions to cleanse and protect myself as a practitioner, you as the client, and the sacred space where we work. This ensures that each session carries its own fresh and clean atmosphere!


  • I will always be 100% honest about what I see in your reading. I believe in a naturally supportive universe so I tend to interpret challenging messages in a more positive manner than other readers.


  • Tarot is not meant to give concrete predictions of the future, which is an area of our reality that is ever changing. Any glimpses of events or people in the future are not set in stone and can always be affected by your actions.


  • Yes or No questions limit what information the Tarot can give you. Consider how to phrase your question to get the most information (i.e. Instead of asking, "Will I get the promotion at work?" try asking, "What else can I do to get noticed for the promotion at work?", "What advantages do I have for the promotion?", "What weaknesses do I need to work on?")

Refund Policy:​

  • If you are dissatisfied with you services I will always honor you with a full refund if requested in a timely and respectful manner.


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Privacy Policy

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