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Tantra for Couples

A sacred space for exploring the depths of your love

In religions and spiritual traditions across the world, intimate love is considered one of the most sacred spaces to connect with divine love. Because they are such powerful practices, many sacred sexual teachings have been hidden away from the mainstream to prevent misuse. Despite being hidden, these sensual practices have continued to thrive for millennia because of how effective they are at helping lovers to heal and experience true ecstasy and connection.

When I sit with a couple, it is with the intention of creating such a clean and clear space that the two of you can simply relax and explore each other in a way that maybe you never have before. While reading books and learning at home can be very supportive, it is one of the core tenets of Tantra to have a guide to validate your personal experience and studies.

In a session we ease into sweet, sacred surrender to the present moment and flows of energy. It is this safe space that is needed for a Tantric experience, and this space that I seek to teach you how to find over and over again, even after you leave the sanctuary.

Here are some reasons couples come to work with me at Subtle Seed Sanctuary:

  • Curiosity about Tantra

  • Healing Disconnection in the Relationship

  • Finding Deeper Spiritual & Sexual Connection

  • Overcoming Sexual Traumas

  • Overcoming Sexual Blocks

  • Increasing Openness and Compassion

  • Developing Shared Spiritual Practice

  • Learning Tantric Touch Techniques

  • Reconnecting from Busy Lives

  • Reigniting the Flame of Romance

Each Tantric Guidance session is catered to you as a couple. We decide what techniques and practices to incorporate based on your intentions and state of mind in the moment. It may include any of the following:

  • Centering & Meditation

  • Intention & Dedication

  • Sacred Imagination

  • Pelvic Openness & Flexibility

  • Self Empowerment

  • Balancing Masculine & Feminine Flows

  • Creating Safe Space & Communication

  • Chakra Initiation & Meditation

  • Body Image Exploration

  • Belly Breath, 3 Part Breath, & more breathwork

  • Cosmic Orgasmic Energy

  • Ejaculation Mastery for Men

  • Orgasmic Flow in Women

  • Sublimation

  • and more

Donations for Couples:

2Hr Session - $340

3Hr Session - $500

4Hr Session - $650

*Donations are on a sliding scale basis, inquire based on financial need

Call me at 828-610-5683 (LOVE)

Do you two need a weekend away?

My most popular offering is with couples who book multiple sessions over a weekend to create a personalized, private Tantric retreat. For example:

  • A 2-Hour Introductory Session on a Friday evening, followed by a 3-4 Hour Deep Dive on a Saturday.

  • Two 3-Hour Deep Dives spaced throughout the weekend for a chance to melt into connection.

  • Two 2-Hour Sessions on a Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday for a chance to dip your toes into Tantric practice.

  • Or any combination you have in mind!


Tantra In a Nutshell

Tantra is a sweet, sensual, body-based practice of total acceptance and presence. It is an interweaving of divine polarity in all aspects of life. Tantra is founded on an understanding that we are energetic beings with the power to use our most basic energies in ways that keep us vibrant, connected, compassionate, and awake.

The originators of Tantric practice, over thousand year ago in the Himalayas, believed that our bodies are a microcosm of the grand design of the universe. In order to truly make sense of anything outside ourselves, first we must understand our own inner workings. These early practitioners believed that liberation from human suffering is possible in this lifetime through presence, ritual, and compassionate connection. Tantra has always been known as a "shortcut" to enlightenment because of its tools to give people sudden realization or understanding.

Today, Tantra is still a path to enlightenment for millions across the globe. In America the practice has been particularly helpful in aiding its students to be more in touch with their bodies, their thoughts, and their partners. True to our country’s nature, Tantra has been added to the melting pot of American spirituality and its many manifestations can be seen in the variety of Tantric healers and practices.

Often it seems the whole day can go by so fast that there isn’t a chance to truly rest. When trying to embark on a spiritual journey within, we can easily get lost and distracted by our own egos, fears, stressors, and chaotic thoughts. To experience ourselves deeper, we all need a guide at some point along the way. But to take someone through our deepest, most mysterious places requires the knowledge that we are safe from judgment and free to have fun and be authentic!

When I welcome you into your Tantric Session, I invite you to shed all of these limitations and let yourself go into a place of peace and expansiveness. We start with tea and a blessing to create a sacred container for the work. Beginning with the breath, we engage your whole being in the soft, graceful dance of cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. You can rest in a space that is sacred, where your body is purified and honored, and your mind is balanced between awareness and relaxation.

A session of Tantric Guidance deals with you as a whole person. Depending on your goals and intentions for our time together, this means that we may be using Tantric exercises to support healing around sexual blocks or traumas.

Sexuality is the most powerful energy in our bodies. Though Tantric philosophy does not see sexual energy itself as good or bad, it can be manifested as both extremes in our life. Because of this it is important to understand and clarify any limitations or challenges to its healthy and full expression.

In relationships, the intensity of sexual energies can be either be the key to a couple's spiritual success or, as many of us know, it can tear two people apart. Having a consistent Tantric practice is immeasurably supportive to long term relationships- whether just beginning or many years in.

Please note, I am just a guide and a healer. It is always my goal to empower you in your own practice rather than to create a relationship where you feel dependent on me to find the peace that we create in sessions. I believe each person has a unique path to becoming his or her own guru, and it is always an honor to witness that evolution.

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What Clients are Saying

Loving Couple

SD & T

"We would both like to thank you for creating a beautiful, comfortable sacred space to explore and develop deeper, more impactful intimacy in our relationship.


It’s difficult to be vulnerable even when it’s something you both want. You helped us be more transparent with our desires. You showed us simply ways to connect to our individual sensual expressions in a shared experience.


You have a true gift as a teacher and a healer. Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your willingness to give so much. "

Autumn Love

B & F

"My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your divine presence in our lives!  Thank you for sharing your time... wisdom...experience...expertise... and soul with us. Not only was it a privilege to meet you...but that YOU were the light that introduced and guided us to a beautiful experience. 


Every moment of our time together was as meaningful and supportive as the next...each blessing, touch, ritual and invitation heightened my awareness that led me to the awakening I had hoped for.  I realize there is “more” I seek...but am grateful that our exercise in trust, was met with such profound and positive energy from YOU!"

Lover's Embrace

S & T

"Thank you infinitely for your gifts you shared with T and myself. ...Knowing it is not my place to be intimate with you, my spirit still sends you back a small portion of the love and light you gave to us and I know you give to so many others.

You are a bright shining magik in this lifetime. Of all the individuals I have met in life, you stand out like visiting a wonder of nature. Like being in Yosemite and feeling the vastness of her. This is how I see you. Vast! Majestic! Timeless.

Our tune with you was transforming.

This is simply a sincere acknowledgment of you.

A simple thank you could never suffice."

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