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Subtle Seed Resources

The following collections are here to help you create an outer environment to help foster your inner practices of peace. While our deepest serenity does not come from material satisfactions, having a space in your home that is dedicated to your spiritual well being is essential to staying grounded through life's storms. 


Many people ask me what they should include to help make a space more sacred. You want things that will trigger your mind and body to relax. Consider all of your senses when decorating your nook and feel free to browse through these suggestions. 

A place for understanding what it means to have a sacred space in your home as well as tips to help you get started on crafting your own. 

More information on buying and using your very own set of Chakra-based Prayer Beads. These are a highly useful tool for maintaining a daily practice.

The human voice, whether written, spoken, or sung has an incredible power to transport your soul. Here's a few good ones.

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