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Shared with gratitude to the beautiful souls who wrote them

"And I am humbled and filled with gratitude to Spirit, the goddess and YOU, my dear kindred spirit beauty-full woman who is wiser and shining brightly more than I had known or expected... I honor you beautiful fellow dancer of light and vessel of the mysteries. I thank you for your presence and for creating and holding such beautiful perfect sacred play space and full of pleasure..."

Sam (Tantric Guidance)


"I don't even know where to begin. I have so many thoughts running through my head. What a truly wonderful experience and an emotional one once I left. I could have stayed in that space forever. Thank you.  Your energy, your spirit and your beauty is such a force. I could gaze into your eyes for an eternity. I am curious about what's next on this path, but I feel awakened.  ...Again Thank you, thank you, thank you for today. "

Greg (Tantric Guidance & Guided Soul Healing)


"Jess is amazing!! It is always so wonderful to have a private reading with her! Definitely my favorite :) Thank you for such a touching, moving...Simply the most amazing reading!! Given me things to practice and think about with, in everyday life, can't wait to put them into use! I'm so glad I got to share the close to heart questions with you, and that you were able to feel and connect with me! You are such a beautiful person in side and out! Much love <3"

LissyLoo (Intuitive Tarot Reading)

"Just wanted to say I had a wonderful time with Jessica today. She was a charming, thoughtful little pixy (wise words and big concepts coming out of that youthful mouth!). I wish I had made the appt. for more than an hour since this this was my initialtantric experience (I've still got a lot to learn), but I'll know better for next time! Thanks again" 

-Jim (Tantric Guidance)


"Just wanted to let you know that K & I did enjoy our session with Jessica. She was very gentle and professional and gave us both many tips which we have already implemented into our love life and enjoyment of being together. We wish it could have lasted another hour, we were learning so much and Jessica was so kind and caring about our needs and validated our feelings. She was very helpful in making me feel more confident in how I can pleasure K more. It was a very good experience for us and we wouldn’t mind coming back some other time for “refresher” information.

Thank you and please tell Jes that we very much enjoyed our time with her and her care and patience with us. She made us feel welcomed and we will remember her for a long time.


M & K (Couple- Tantric Guidance)


"This gal is so wonderful. She is without a doubt so very skilled and blessed with the gifts. She can and she will help you. She will tell you exactly what you need to hear not what you think you need to hear. And then she will give you guidance. Truly Amazing."

Frank (Intuitive Tarot Reading)


"I enjoyed my reading with Jessica. She provided several details and even picked up on a situation regarding my love life even though my reading was career related. I do recommend giving her a try. I will have to keep you posted as to time lines."

Angela (Intuitive Tarot Reading)

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