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Rethinking Toxic Masculinity

If you have studied with me, or studied Tantra more generally, you know that Tantra is a practice that works with the dualities of our world, and bodies, to make sense of the whole. Learning about and understanding the concept of polarity can help us to understand when we are stuck at one end of a story, ignoring the other half of the equation.

The world has been dominated by masculine power, stories, and experiences for millennia. Women's experiences and work have largely been taken for granted, unpaid, and even criminalized. The concept of feminism and equality are relatively new additions to the global community at large. Sure, there have always been examples of matriarchal societies, but they have been in the minority. All of this is a summary and a simplification to support why I am sharing this video with you.

As women claim their social and economic power, the perception and role of masculinity is naturally shifting as well. The folks at Big Think are acknowledging how important it is to redefine what healthy, sacred masculinity looks like rather than to blanket all masculinity as toxic. As we support women in finding their strength, power, and leadership- what do those qualities then look like for men? Can we define an alternative to toxic masculinity?

How can we evolve together instead of at one another's expense? How can we heal past wounds without creating generations of new wounds? I don't have all the answers and I am also excited to ask the questions. Sometimes the simple act of reflection is the intention needed to understand the nuance between two polarities. Just by becoming aware of the subtlety of gendered dynamics we can see that there is enough strength, leadership, and power for each person on this planet regardless of where they fall on the spectrum of masculinity and femininity.

I hope this gets your wheels turning like it did mine <3 Ever Forward


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