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Everything is Energy: Not just an Empty Saying?

One of the core understandings in modern spirituality is that everything in and around us is made up of energy. Knowing that we and all other matter are made of the same (non)materials naturally leads to the conclusion that we are all connected through this webbing of electricity that is the subatomic world.

Spiritually, that is kind of a big deal for humanity.

If we are basically living our lives in an electric ocean, this means that we have so much more power to create waves than we once thought. It means that the energy you feel flowing through your body and the thoughts moving through your head are just as real as the kitchen knife that could slice open your hand. At the most basic level, they are all created by interactions between subatomic particles and even smaller vibrating particles of energy.

Ok, so everything is energy. So what, right? Still have to go to work, still have to pay bills, and eat food, right?

Right, but in The Leaf Pile you can expect to find ways to make this magic tangible in your own life. Today we look at some of my favorites.

Quantum Entanglement Theory

Subatomic particles that have physically interacted with one another remain constantly linked over long distances. They will change their state almost instantaneously to match the paired particle, even under completely different conditions. This concept has been under the sharp eye of physicists for decades and has withstood the tests of many despite its strangeness.

With the amount of particles in our body that are linked to who-knows-what-else, the natural assumption again is that we are connected to the world around us. That which we do to the things around us, is also felt within ourselves on the deepest level. If any skeptics need a reason to follow the Golden Rule, here's one.

Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life.... No, Really!

The idea that we can change our lives if we change our thoughts is nothing new, but the research on this topic is always providing unique and exciting examples of the ways we can take advantage of this process. Scientific American recently reported that our state of mind can improve our physical strength, immune system response, intellectual performance, and overall health. More specifically, if we expected ourselves to excel in these areas, our body will follow suit.

Coming from an underprivileged background, I was very intrigued by the experiment with hotel maids. One group of workers was informed truthfully that their daily work routines met the FDA's recommended daily exercise. The other group was not informed and were also monitored at work. Scientific American reports that, “People in the treatment group lost weight; their body fat percentages, waist-to-hip ratios, and systolic blood pressures dropped.” This was all from internalizing the knowledge that the time spent at work was at least contributing to their health, if not their life's passions.

What happens when we expect peace and abundance in our lives? What happens when we expect healthy relationships and do not fear what life brings our way? What happens when we unconditionally tell ourselves that life will get better?

This knowledge is an invitation to tap into our our powerful system of connected neurons and the subatomic particles that create them. This is knowing that the powerful energies in our bodies aren't limited by the laws of nature. They are only limited by our beliefs and our ability to whole-heartedly imagine the life we want.

Let me know how you have seen this theme pop up in your own life! Share your experiences and be heard!

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