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What to Expect out of a Tantra Session

One of the foggiest issues for those who are new to Tantric practice and guidance is what to expect from working with a practitioner. I think this issue has stayed foggy and kept Tantra teachers from becoming mainstream because the experience of a tantra session, much less ongoing guidance, varies so much from teacher to teacher.

I use the word “teacher” loosely here because many who share Tantric practice do so by more literally taking a client to a tantric state of mind through touch, massage, and experiential practice. While this does not fit into the traditional mold of teaching, the end goal is to help the client understand inner peace and serenity through the understanding of their own core sexual energy and its expression. For a person who has a hard time calming down, being walked down the path to that part of him/herself can be life changing.

Quality tantric teachers offer a unique container for you to experience your whole self. They welcome you into a sacred space and through breathwork, healing touch, and tantric meditations, they will help heal your soul and fill your cup with divine lightness. A lot of you have probably experienced an inner yearning for “home”. If you're lucky, you have found it here on Earth, if not a good Tantra teacher will help you feel a little closer to feeling like you're there.

Unfortunately, in a world where healing consists of prescriptions and bright white doctor's offices, this type of somatic healing is generally regarded as some exotic form of prostitution. The taboo is so ingrained that amazing men and women who are grounded and true in their tantric work can lose their other academic certifications and licenses for placing their hands on a client's body in any way that elicits a sexual response. This rejection from the academic and professional mainstream also makes Tantra a perfect umbrella for actual sex workers who are looking to sound unique or who are looking to practice Tantra without worrying about any physical/professional boundaries.

So what can you expect from a Tantra session? Check out your practitioner, look at their website, give a call and find out what they do in a session.

In my sacred space, I prepare for your session by saying prayers, smudging with sage, and running a hot bubble bath. When you arrive, I welcome you with tea, a foot rub, and a chakra meditation. I ask you to put your head back in a comfortable chair and begin to leave the stresses of your day behind. Together we set an intention as a ceremony to hold the highest frequencies in our session. Continuing with a meditative mindset and relaxed breath, I invited you to melt into the purification of a bath before we take the rest of the session to learn particular practices and/or delve into soul healing tantric work.

While I do practice healing touch with my clients, our main focus is giving you something more than just the experience of the Tantric state of being. This means I talk more and touch less than a lot of my peers. We take the time to build a foundation for your peace and serenity, and only do erotic energy coaching when it fits appropriately into our initial intention or goal. I don't necessarily disagree with those whose sessions are more about experiencing pleasure meditations, I just happen to love the more philosophical & therapeutic side of tantric work.

Tantra changed my life for the better. It has helped me overcome major hurdles in the past and it continues to help me in the present. My life's path is to keep sharing these and similar teachings so that you can learn to heal yourself too.

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