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Simple Tantra Practice for Anxiety

This is a great technique to relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety using, chakras, Tantra, and meditation. For many people the sensation of anxiety comes as a crushing or pressing feeling that something negative is going to happen, sometimes the impending stress is real and other times our stresses are self created.

Tantra, like many other inner practices, teaches that our body is made of and surrounded by a divine electromagnetic energy. As within all other things, this energy organizes itself in a polarized and fractal flow. The hindu and buddhist originators of Tantra believed that in order to attain inner peace and enlightenment, we had to first learn about this unseen part of ourselves through deep meditation.

Today, after thousands of years, meditation is still hard! When you sit down and try to clear your mind, the thoughts in your head and the energy in your body resist the calm that you so need. Though much oftraditional Tantra tended to focus its meditations on deities, today's practitioners lean towards the image schemata of the Chakras to teach people their work. For best results, give your imagination freedom to create the visuals for this and all meditations.

If you feel anxiety in your belly and chest try the following:

Sit, lay, or stand in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

If you are a woman, place your dominant hand over the pelvic bone to connect with your lower two chakras and place your other hand over the center of your chest below your collar bone to connect with your heart.

If you are a man, place your dominant hand over the center of your chest below your collar bone to connect with your heart and place the other hand over your pelvic bone to connect with your lower two chakras.

Take a deep breath, but don't worry about stopping your thoughts. For about the first minute(s) focus on breathing as deeply, yet comfortably as possible. Hear your thoughts, acknowledge them and bring your attention back to your breath as you exhale. Notice where you feel your energy, both positive and negative. Bring your awareness and attention back to your breath as you exhale.

As you inhale, gently guide your attention to the passionate flow of energy moving from your pelvis, firmly rooted and held by the Earth, all the way up to your heart where it is circulated before you exhale it back down reconnecting your energy to the planet which accepts you fully, as it accepts all things.

See the color of your breath as is moves electricity through your body and into the ground. In your mind's eye, see the thing that you fear or resist and accept its presence. Just as you accept the presence of your obstacle, sit in this meditation to find inspiration to change the thinngs you can and overcome your struggles. Although it can seem hopeless at times, never lose faith that your soul is always supported and within it's veils is all the wisdom you need.

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