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Limited Tantric Healing & Coaching Availability

I regret to inform any of my potential and current Tantric Healing & Guidance clients that I will be taking an unforeseen break from offering in person Tantra sessions. Until I can acquire my own permanent and stable temple space I will still be available for phone, email, and skype consultations. It is not to my professional liking to practice healing work with you in anything less than a permanent and sacred temple.

In the mean time I have accepted a full time position selling flowers and gifts. My intention is to complete my masters and licensure for mental health counseling so that I can better offer Tantric teachings to the people who need it the most, in a way that is more accepted by the general population.

This has obviously been a tough decision for me, but the universe works in funny ways. The flower job fell in my lap as soon as my current temple space with Tantric Retreat was given the boot by the folks with Asheville City Zoning.

The Leaf Pile will still be updated as regularly as I can manage because this work is my passion and I can never stay away for long!

Many Blessings and Stay in Touch

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