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Everything is Energy II: Fractals!

Video: PBS Nova- Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension

This is part two in an ongoing series about the important scientific and spiritual concept that states everything in and around us is made of highly charged particles of energy. This connected reality makes all physical distinctions a little fuzzy and opens up mankind to a whole new realm of real, everyday magic.

Many of us science and spirituality nerds can sit around and theorize about the nature of an electric universe and its implications for our bodies, minds, and souls for days. However, in my practice with people who have invested their expertise in other areas of life, I have found how important it is to ground these big metaphysical ideas in tangible practices and bite size concepts.

Fractals Explain the Illusion of Separation

Where does your nose end and the air begin? At this point in scientific understanding, it is common knowledge that we are made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of 99.999% free space. The sense of a solid impenetrable surface comes from the intensive electromagnetic bonds between atoms and the even smaller particles that make them up. The electromagnetic bond of drywall moves across all of its empty space to create a barrier which prevents the weaker bonds from penetrating. So.. a wadded up piece of paper can't go through a wall, but your fist probably could!

What do fractals have to do with this? Well, the fractal is a pattern that can repeat itself until infinity. Zoom in on any area, you will find the same image or pattern, only smaller. The closer you look, the less distinction you will find. What looked like a solid line before is actually made up of many smaller pieces. If you look at a coast from space, it looks pretty straight and definable, much like that wall you can't break. However, if you look at a coastline from the much smaller perspective of a pebble, the distinction becomes so jagged that you couldn't dream of measuring it.

With careful attention, most “edges” have this infinite quality. Consider trying to exactly trace an entire tree, or a bolt of lightning, or a cloud. Consider where else we see fractal patterns... in our thoughts that sometimes spiral out of control? Or in the infinite combination of characteristics that create a person or a nation full of unique people?

Using your Tantric sense of imagination, you can picture how vast the world must look from the perspective of a subatomic particle. You can see how the distinctions that make perfect sense to a full sized human become muddled and irrelevant. Electromagnetic interactions between particles move like a fractal reflection of the lightning in our skies. At this level the world is ruled by electricity, a common factor between all matter that gives the universe its interconnectedness.

Fractal Patterns and Emotional States

So the pieces-parts that make up the human body are completely unaware of the distinctions and walls we build up between one another. Race, beauty, religion, and intelligence are all transcended by the repeating patterns of our emotional states.

To display this concept, I ask you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Don't worry about stopping your thoughts, just pay attention to your long inhale and longer exhale. Notice where you feel the energy in your body as your breath expands like clouds or waves into your core, your arms, and your legs. Take a look at the image in this article and see how the energy you sense translates to a particular emotional state!

Researchers in Finland studied over 700 people from across the globe to measure the “sensations” felt around the body in response to certain emotions. The observed relationship was enough to earn this study quite a bit of attention as it has given credence to some sort of universal physical experience of emotion. Humans may have infinite reasons to feel the ways that we do, but the core sensations of energy remain a common thread between us.

We see fractals in the flow of water down a river and in the flow of energy through our minds and bodies. Be aware of the whirlpools where your sensations swirl. Know that just when you think you're caught up on a rock, the river of energy moving through you can also help propel you into a better place.

Feeling depressed? Expand your light to your extremities! Angry or anxious? Expand your light down to reach all the way to your toes.

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