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By Any Other Name

One of the most challenging aspects of doing soul healing tantric or shamanic work is defining it to the general public. You walk a fine line of being put into any number of boxes that don’t quite fit. There are the traps of cultural appropriation, mislabeling, and playing into new agey stereotypes to think about. To me, it seems like it comes down to the reality that each individual healer needs to create their own title that is based off of their unique blend of culture, talents, and training.

With help from my family, friends, and peers, I have toyed around with a number of different titles for the work I do, and I thought it would be useful and funny to keep a list of our ideas I’m sure this will be a dynamic piece of this website… (in no particular order)

Esoteric Healer

Tarot Reader

Tantra Teacher

Tantra Coach

Chakra Healer



Relaxation Ninja


Meditation Coach

Transcultural Healer

Professional Spiritual Guide

Tantric Healer & Guide

Subtle Energy Healer & Guide Life Ninja*

Tantra Practitioner



Pluralistic Healer

Spiritual Chiropractor

* Culturally Iffy, in my case

**I mean, I would, but that would scare some people away

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